30 E. 60th St. #1103, New York, NY (Between Madison and Park)



“I suffer from alopecia. This has caused my eyebrows to be almost non-existence. I would literally wake up an extra hour every morning so that I could “draw” them in. There were days when I could not get them to match and it would take even longer. Going swimming or participating in any activity that would make me sweat was out of the question (because then my carefully drawn in brows would come off). It was very frustrating. One day I was discussing my issue with a friend. He took it upon himself to do some research on “permanent eyebrow make-up”. A few days later he sent me the name of six different people who performed this service in New York. After calling them and asking questions, I chose two of them. I made appointments with both and went to see April first. I took my son with me for reassurance. We went in May 2013. April impressed us so much that I cancelled the other appointment. Her knowledge, patience and empathy were astounding. After speaking to her for 15 minutes, I knew she was not in this business solely for the money (she actually gave me alternative methods that I could try first that had nothing to do with her). Almost an hour and a half later when my son and I left, we knew without a doubt I was coming back. Due to circumstance I did not get back there until April 2014. And she remembered me. April fixed my eyebrows and forever changed my life. She restored my self-confidence and made me feel beautiful again. I get so many compliments on them now, it’s absolutely amazing. April, thank you for caring about your job, your clients and for treating us as if we are the most important person to you. You rock!!!”

–Forever in debt to you, Yonette Bonefont, Brooklyn, NY



Makeup Allergy

“After a bad reaction to eyeliner I decided to have permanent eyeliner. After researching on the internet I discovered April Meese. She is great at what she does. She understood what I wanted (not too much) and did exactly what I wanted. It looks great day and night and I am so happy not to bother with tedious eye liner application. I wish I had done this 20 years ago. She is very professional and her work is exceptional. I completely recommend her. She is highly skilled; she listens and gets great results. I am totally thrilled with the way my eyeliner looks and April is a pleasure to work with. Thank you April!”

—Myra, NYC, NY




“April, Thank you for the amazing job on my eyebrows. I was very apprehensive about looking unnatural, but you made it very easy to trust you. I believe I was divinely led to April because of my fears. I received chemotherapy and my eyebrows never were the same and I hated penciling them (I hated it even before the chemo). I have received many compliments for the natural way they look and I could not be happier. She does “excellent” work and takes pride in it. Ms. Meese is a caring, kind and very compassionate lady. Thank you April for making a difference in my life.”

–Ana Gloria DeCastro, Bronx, New York



Scar Tissue

“My first permanent makeup procedure by April was complete lip enhancement. Prior to this procedure, my lips had scar tissue and were uneven; there was no cupid bow on top. My lips were very challenging for her because of the scar tissue that refused to take color. April is meticulous with the coloring/shading and shaping; has an extraordinary artistic eye; persistently working to achieve the desired results. She did not give up and gave me confidence throughout this daunting process that I shouldn’t either. No longer do I have to struggle with applying lip liner and lipstick, and still feeling self-conscious about my lips not looking right. Now, I can go out with bare lips. They came out very natural and amazing! Immediately, after my lip enhancement, I had April apply permanent eye-liner. She did a terrific job in doing a subtle line on both my upper and lower lids. I’m so happy with her work. Thanks April.”

–Effie Pantazi, NY & CA



Hair Loss

“When I began to lose some eyebrow hair, I decided to look into eyebrow enhancement with permanent cosmetics. What was extremely important to me was that the eyebrows look very natural. I did not want to look like a fake painted doll. Thus, started my search for a qualified make-up artist that could deliver what I desired. To my relief and delight, I found April Meese. April is a Permanent Cosmetic Artist, who specializes in a natural look. She is truly skilled, knowledgeable and considered an expert in her field. I was so pleased with the results that I actually had April do permanent eyeliner on my eyes as well! Now I have both areas that look great and natural ALL the time! What a time saver it has become. If you are looking for customized beauty with a natural look, I highly recommend April Meese. Thank You April!”

–Corrinne Newman, Manor Park, NY



Scar Tissue

“April is life changing. I was in a terrible car accident at 17 that left severe scarring on my forehead. For years, I struggled with the usual fixes – concealer, foundation – which would never cover up the scar. I even tried laser, but the reality is there are very few options to repair your skin back to normal. I heard about cosmetic tattooing, but was very hesitant to ever try it. I heard horror stories about how it can look fake, cause worse damage, etc. I came across April and decided to meet with her. I was immediately impressed by how passionate she is about her business and helping people deal with scarring, breast cancer, etc. I also saw the she was like an artist and had a true skill and talent for cosmetic tattooing. I went ahead and had the procedure and it was life changing. It’s been 5 years and my scar still looks camouflaged. I feel confident swimming and not wearing makeup. I am so grateful to have met her.”




Hair Thinning with Age

“Suddenly at age 66 my eyebrows began to have thin areas, and I knew I needed a natural and well-done solution. After having a bad experience in my area, I found April by searching for someone with appropriate professional affiliations, a gallery of natural work and good testimonials. She has applied her make-up to my eyebrows and has done an excellent job and I highly recommend her for her professional work, positive attitude and desire to please her clients. Coming to her is important enough to me that I come from the Washington D. C. area for her service and will continue to come to her possibly for other parts of my face. I cannot imagine that you would not be happy with her work.”

–Very Happy Client, Washington, D.C.



Confidence Restored

“I could not be happier with the cosmetic tattooing I had done on my eyebrows. April Meese was so professional, easy to work with and did an excellent job in consulting with me on the color and shape that would best be a fit for me. She made me feel very comfortable with the entire process including what I should expect during the healing process. It was all documented so I had a sheet to take home with me to refer to. My eyebrows look great and it has given me so much confidence knowing my eyebrows always look good since half of them had disappeared. It was the best thing I ever did. For anybody considering having this procedure done by April, do not hesitate. You will be so happy you did!”

-D. Meyer, NYC, NY



Fair Skin and Eyebrows

“I met April through a very satisfied friend who had lost all of her eyebrow hair to cancer. I couldn’t believe how natural both her brows and eyeliner looked so I was excited to meet April and see what she recommended for me. I have extremely fair skin and blonde brows and lashes so I was looking to achieve a subtle accent to my existing brow much like the powdery effect one can achieve with filling in with a brush and shadow.
April gives the most amazingly thorough and patience consultation! She shows you the tones of the pigments she can blend and customize by applying a small dot of the pigment with a Q-tip near your eye much like going for a makeup consultation at a department store. I felt completely comfortable especially after seeing her book of past works! She even can re-create a 3D looking areola for woman who has lost all or part of their nipple to breast cancer. She is truly an incredible artist!
Based on her recommendations, I decided to do a combination of a shaded and hair stroke for my brows. We choose a dark brown for my top liner and a taupe applied in tiny dots for my bottom lash line. We did my first application in December, and then my touch up in late January and the result couldn’t be more perfect! I save so much time getting ready when I used to spend 10-15min a day struggling to pencil symmetrically. Now most days I just sweep my lid with a shimmery gold-beige shadow and apply mascara and go! I also can go swimming with complete confidence that I don’t look like a pale ghost with eye makeup running down my cheeks. Best beauty decision ever!”

–Meaghan A. Frayne, Artistic Development Director at Angelo David Salon, NYC, NY



Thyroid Condition

“Several years ago I started losing my eyebrows due to a thyroid condition, and consequently, was penciling them every morning. My husband came across the idea of “permanent” make-up on the internet, and we decided to research it. I was somewhat apprehensive and had some reservations about the procedure. I set up several interviews, but wasn’t convinced that this whole idea was for me. Then I met April – she’s so professional and her warmth and caring came through immediately. I felt totally comfortable and at ease with her. She explained the whole process and we decided on the shape and color of the brows together. Having April do my eyebrows was one of the best decisions I have ever made. It saves me so much time in the morning and the eyebrows look totally natural. I no longer have to worry if I “have my eyebrows on” or if I might rub them off due to perspiration or an itch. Thank you, April – I know I made the right choice!”

-RAD, New York City



Time Saver

“I feel very fortunate to have had April referred to me by my friend, whose mother had her eyebrows repaired by April. Before going to April, she had spent so long touching up her eyebrows each morning that she didn’t want to bother leaving the house unless it was unavoidable. I wanted to have permanent eye-liner applied, although I was tentative because of the proximity of a needle to my eyes. After talking with April I felt certain that I could trust her, and that feeling of trust and confidence in her was totally warranted. April is so calming and patient. Her work is precise and long lasting (I had my liner done years ago). The results are very natural looking. When I was leaving, a young woman arrived. April was treating her for the effects caused by cancer. The woman commented that she was so thankful for what April had done for her. When going in for a cosmetic procedure, I really didn’t expect to find such a caring, kind and highly skilled professional who listened so well to my concerns and style preferences. She clearly makes a great difference in the lives of her clients, particularly in our sense of self-confidence.”

-Nancy Felder, Teacher from Long Island, New York



Love, Love, Love!

“Love, love, love my eyebrows! I’m so glad I met April. This was the best decision. I recommend her to all my friends. They are so natural looking I forget I had them done. Can’t wait to get eyeliner!!”

-B. McHale, NY



The Consummate Professional

I am writing to share that I have had a few permanent makeup cosmetic procedures with Customized Beauty. I did have some trepidation about pain & results, but I must say April is the consummate professional. She consulted with me, asked me about my expectations. The one thing that clinched my decision to have the procedures was April’s photo book results. She has created some beautiful brows where there were none, some amazing lip contours and enhancements for others, but never once showed me something outlandish or extreme. She shared how permanent makeup can give back a sense of self to people who have had major scars due to surgery, accidents and even burns. Pain management was great. April’s bedside manner is both at once calming and reassuring. All my questions were answered-and my results were great! She is extremely hard working and it’s clear she is interested in client satisfaction and superior results. I have made several referrals to Ms. Meese based on people seeing my face. It is Very natural enhancements -so I wake up looking fresh and always feel my best. I never worry that I will have that worn out look. I would highly recommend Ms. Meese if you want great results in a safe, clean, pristinely hygienic environment. Clearly she has a passion for this field- and that combined with thorough education and experience make her an expert compared to others. 5 stars!!”

-Vincent K, Brooklyn, NY



Eyebrow Relocation

“I had my eyebrows done by April and what a difference it made in my looks. April put my eyebrows where they needed to go. I love them so much. Thank you for making me look better.”

– R. Bowe, Canton, OH



Previous Work Corrected

“April Meese is not only a great esthetician, but she is a great person. I went to April to have a saline removal procedure done on my eyebrows that was poorly done by someone else. April did an excellent and professional job with the removal and basically gave me my confidence back. Her facility is sterile, she uses up to date equipment, she makes her clients comfortable, and she is extremely inviting. It is not easy to correct someone else work, however April was able to successfully do so. I wish I met her before I met the person whose work she had to correct. I would recommend April Meese’s Customized Beauty to anyone!”